Talk with the Soldiers behind Success Booster

Pooja Bansod

"In the past months at Success Booster, my role has evolved quite quickly from a trainee recruiter to that of a SPOC for clients. The work environment here is friendly, upbeat and I get the opportunity to learn something new every day. Here, the culture is such that we are constantly innovating and seeking improvements in the organisation, which keeps it interesting and exciting. Because of the clients I work with, I’m exposed to different areas of the company, innovative ideas, current technologies, latest technical skills and learn more about the type of work I most enjoy. In all, I would recommend Success Booster to anyone (and specially for those girls/ladies who want to start their career after a long break due to any personal reasons) wanting to start their career in the field of recruitment.

There is immense support that we get here for the entire team is always encouraging one another to grow in their careers."

Rohini Waghmare

"Success Booster is a platform where I have been very fortunate to get an opportunity of enhancing my skills by learning about the process of ‘Recruitment’ and its challenges. Here, we are constantly trained to be able to quickly adapt to the growing demands of our changing industry. This gives us an edge in our candidate evaluation process."  

Juhi Lokhande

"I began my career with “Success Booster” and at the time of joining, I was an amateur who had no idea of how to grow in corporate life or what the industry in real world is like. Success Booster gave me an opportunity to start my career with an organization that is the best place for newcomers as we feel welcomed here rather than being pointed out as freshers. I want to also highlight that my mentor and my colleagues are very supportive in every situation and are always approachable if we ever come across any professional issue. I am extremely thankful to Success Booster for giving me this golden opportunity to shape my future as well as of the candidates whom we place." 

Abhilasha Kumari

"I started my career as a recruiter with Success Booster a few months back. This has proven to become a very nice opportunity for me to learn a lot of new things in a systematic manner. Being a part of Success Booster, I feel immense pride for I believe in their vision. I believe this will be the best platform for anyone with a willingness to become a good recruiter with strong ethical values."

Ruchita Kaul

"From my perspective, Success Booster provides an outstanding company culture and values which allows for all the employees to feel as they belong, and this is very important to me. It is a great place to work as it is an organization with talented people, great leadership and collaborative culture." 

Shivika Shukla

"In a very short span of time here I could see myself belong and this, I believe, is the inherent uniqueness of Success Booster. For instance, a brilliant thing I observed about the work culture here is that nobody is treated like an “employee”, we are more like a family who are co-dependent on each other for professional as well as moral support. I am glad to be working alongside Rahoul, our founder, who is an exceptionally kind human being. His 15+ years of experience in recruitment industry enhances his leadership qualities and we always look up to him as our mentor who constantly educates us and inculcates good values in us, that puts him at par with the rest in his league. The entire Success Booster has a majority of female contributors and we encourage women empowerment. Indeed, this organization provides the best formula for boosting one’s SUCCESS - the right way!"