Strategic IT Recruitment Consulting

Expertise in Lateral Hiring

 You can bank upon us for :-

  • Quick TAT on all the open positions
  • Quantity delivered with stringent Quality parameters
  • Management consulting, Senior mandates, Niche skills
  • Successfully arranging & conducting Mega Hiring Events for Volume Hiring
  • Large Volume Lateral Recruitment through regular events at multiple locations

The 'Akbar-Birbal' Correlation

Once Upon a Time...

Birbal was a noted adviser in the court of the Mughal emperor, Akbar. He was known for his unique ways of problem solving due to which he even became Akbar's most favorite minister.

Once, a rich trader entered Akbar's court and complained that his house had been robbed and that he felt that one of his own servants was the thief. Akbar turned to Birbal for finding this thief.

Birbal then went to the trader’s house and lined up all the servants present and distributed sticks of equal lengths to all of them.

चोर की दाढ़ी में तिनका

Well, this ain't quite the same story. Let's just say, we did it for the lulz! xD

He then said, “The thief’s stick will be two inches longer by tomorrow morning. I will come to check your sticks then, so make sure to be here.”. The next day when Birbal arrived and analyzed everyone's sticks, he found one servant’s stick was shorter by two inches. Birbal told the trader, “Aha! This is the thief.”

The trader asked him, “How did you know?!”

Birbal explained, “The thief cut his stick by two inches, thinking it would be longer the next day.”

An Analytical Evaluation Process

Our Approach

  • PROFILE SCREENING: Before the resume hits our client's mail box, every candidate goes through 3 rounds of evaluation - first with the Recruiter, then with the Lead/Sr. Recruiter and finally goes through a process of a long general discussion with our Key Accounts Manager. This generic discussion helps us understand the genuineness of a candidate, i.e., we can tell who tried to cut their stick 2 inches short ;)
  • TURN AROUND TIME: First Batch of screened resumes will reach the client mailbox within 240 minutes of receiving the open positions and relevant JD. You can count on us to deliver quality profiles in the shortest time possible. Give us try and see for yourself!

Account Management Model

Industry Experts EXCLUSIVELY at your Service

  • At Success Booster, we follow an "Account Management Model" wherein a Senior Consultant takes responsibility for your account and pulls in Specialist Resources from within our organization to ensure that the Best Available Talent is attracted to you.
  • Our Success Story: We are recognized for the value we bring to our clients. We operate with speed and thoroughness resulting in high profile accuracy rates. In short, prepare yourselves to be wonderfully surprised by our humble team whenever you would want to have us at your kind service.

Nurturing Lives Around Us

Our Recent Achievements 

  • Set up Solutions Team at Leadership Level as a part of Go-To-Market efforts for an IT product development firm.
  • Set up an entire E-Commerce team of 20 resources for a Captive Client from scratch.
  • Set up the entire team for a Service Desk for a Captive Giant