Out Team

The brain behind Success Booster

Success Booster was founded by Rahoul Ssonawane, with an objective to bring a change in the recruitment process across the world. With years of rich and extensive experience in staffing and recruitment industry, he is taking Success Booster to heights of excellence. Rahoul has always been passionate about recruitments, creating Diversity and Promoting Inclusion at Workplaces.

“We bring about a change in the lives of people whom we recruit and we are the leaders in whatever we do, we do it everyday. And that’s our purpose”.

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(About The Founding Father)

Our success strategy consistently focuses on region wise organic growth, growth in related markets, and a structural development that attracts champions with talent abundance.

Consistently, our recipe for success has been promoting a culture that leads to long-term growth. With a network of esteemed organizations, expert hiring consultants establishing relationships and an access to the best candidates, the future of recruitments had never looked this great!