Hiring not just the talent, but the right talent matters!

Here at Success Booster, we pride ourselves as a vibrant recruitment agency with a firm grasp of the workforce across India. We help companies attract and hire their best candidates and quickly integrate them with the rest of the organization.

We keep in mind the specific skills required for diverse industries.

Because, we believe that people we work with cannot be changed, but groomed. Neither the positions that need to be filled can be changed. This is because each industry comes with its own set regulations, standards, languages and pain points. We aim to match these degrees to find you the best fit for your company. We work with an ultimate goal to match a candidate to your company goals who fits like a puzzle.

Our years of experience allows our clients to place trust in us to provide viable choices based on their requirements, making the process a time efficient and easy procedure.

Since our inception in 2017, Success Booster has been raising the bar in the recruitment industry, with many of our innovations becoming industry-standard. We are proud to move ahead with a team of 56 employees across India with head office in Pune.

Backed up by Success Experts, yes!

Our team comprises of hiring experts, technology gurus, and responsive customer service representatives who constantly monitor the present workforce market, work as a collective and deliver results in a practical manner.

Success Booster has deep industry expertise and truly understands what it takes to build a great team in today’s tough hiring climate!

Mission Value

At Success Booster we recognize the importance of having the right people for the right job. This is indeed a resource consuming process. Hence, our mission is to empower clients with the ability to find ideal candidates that will reinforce their company infrastructure; ensuring business functionality and growth.

With the mission to provide affordable, intelligent and intuitive talent to companies we dedicate our efforts to help our clients meet shortlisted candidates for approval, reducing their efforts. This in turn helps them fulfil their manpower inadequacies.

We want to be the No.1 talent management platform to procure talent not just locally, but globally as well!

We work with a vision to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations, creating long-term relationships by being responsive and by constantly delivering value to them. Our vision is entrusted on the fact that an empathetic workforce leads to an engaged workforce and that further translates to business success.

Step in, to give your company the boost it needs by integrating our solutions into your recruitment process today!

What drives us towards success?


in everything we do encourages us to do the right thing in all circumstances.


and 100% accountability of what we do is what we pride ourselves in.


and continuously improving in the way we work and approach leads to our consistent professional growth.


in our business operations and work methodology leads to zero chances of confusion and mistrust.


is something that drives us to deliver exceptional value to our organization and clients.


with all our clients by listening to them, understanding them, supporting them and working towards one common goal.


is something that attracts us and we embrace all new ideas and challenges coming our way backed up by innovation.


in everything we do on a daily basis leads us to an overall business success.
About Success

Not just another recruitment agency

You must be thinking how?

Let us tell you how, because for us work is more than something you do. It is something that offers you a chance to create, innovate, provide, grow and become who you desire to be. Our job is to support you along this journey – be it towards finding new opportunities, providing training, educating, identifying your ideal company culture or being a sounding board for your career.

Success for us is a big word! It’s building relationships where businesses and people bring out the best in each other. To find out what makes Success Booster different that you would have ever experienced before click here.

Since we’ve opened the doors in 2017 we’ve taken a unique approach to attract, curate, assist and deploy top IT and other business related talent in the market. We continue to do so with consistent engagement, response, understanding of our clients’ needs and the needs of our talent resources to ensure a smooth process for all.

You’re more than a number to us – but we think few numbers are worth mentioning!!

1 %
Assignment completion and customer satisfaction
< 1
of an average response time to match a talent to open role
1 %
consultant, companies and candidates would recommend us to others
1 x 7 x 365
we offer flexibility to our clients and workforce to work from anywhere

We call ourselves the Success Booster Specialists with an array of skilled approaches that we take for success. Here’s what we do as a part of our specific approach:

1. Product Development Hiring
2. Captive Hiring
3. Leadership Hiring
Multi-tiered scrutiny of candidates along with psychological profiling
Collaborative, adaptive and solution-driven approach
Advanced ATS powered by artificial intelligence & machine learning
We believe each client is unique. We act as an extended arm of the client’s hiring team.

Do you have the talent, passion and innovation to join Success Booster?

The brain behind Success Booster

Success Booster was founded by Rahoul Ssonawane, with an objective to bring a change in the recruitment process across the world. With years of rich and extensive experience in staffing and recruitment industry, he is taking Success Booster to heights of excellence. Rahoul has always been passionate about recruitments, creating Diversity and Promoting Inclusion at Workplaces.

“We bring about a change in the lives of people whom we recruit and we are the leaders in whatever we do, we do it everyday. And that’s our purpose”.

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(About The Founding Father)

Our success strategy consistently focuses on region wise organic growth, growth in related markets, and a structural development that attracts champions with talent abundance.

Consistently, our recipe for success has been promoting a culture that leads to long-term growth. With a network of esteemed organizations, expert hiring consultants establishing relationships and an access to the best candidates, the future of recruitments had never looked this great!